Black History Month: Harlem

How much do you want to Know? How far do you want to travel back...to understand a culture, in tiny spot in the world. Before The Settlers, Before Slavery Trades here in the US...There were millions of Natives living in Americas but for the sake of this post we're talking about Harlem, N.Y. Africans and Indians have a long intertwining relationship in this country. It is curious to me that Harlem became a mecca, in a future time where a whole culture of Native Tribes were forced to live and left to themselves until it was deemed...well, takable!
This link Here takes you to the pages about Haarlem/Harlem and the history of How it came to be Harlem.
Then We fast forward Jumper Style, to after World War I and  Learn more about 
what the Renainnassance Period and who were some of the Key Players of the time.

Do you recall that Sesame Street segment of the song that went "You gotta go where you want to go and
Be who you want to be. Believe in Yourself"

The rebirth or renaissance for African Americans during 
the time makes me think of that song.

Before we moved to Harlem...3 yrs. ago, my Husband would talk about Harlem. People of all walks of life but they dress here, like nowhere else. Good people here. There is a news paper just about what goes on in Harlem. In the summer especially good weather the streets are filled with vendors selling their wares and music I grew up with and always makes you feel welcome even if you are from Baltimore. Maybe that's another reason people come by bus loads to see Harlem!  So we were having a daily discussion about where we wanted to live, because there are five boroughs in NYC and each one being different from the next an even having different culture vibes within a single borough depending on where you live. Harlem, he always would say I like Harlem. If you find this book in the library or in a book store. Stop a min. or two and go through it Once for the Art again for the poetry. It is Poetic Harlem.
I didn't find this book on Good Reads. It exist because I have it! Maybe I'm off my search game
today. Either way the Poetry of Walter Dean Myers pulls out all the feeling of a culture in the
Middle of Manhattan. "Where a note is handed down from Marcus and Malcolm to a brother too
bad and too cool to give his name." If you find this book Sit down and take a trip
to Harlem.

I can walk to the Apollo in 20 min. There is 
more to the Apollo that meets the eye or ear.
go there and find out what I mean.

A Jackie Robinson park Resident... enjoying the scenery. 

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