Three Yrs.!

,So glad to get back to blog about all I've read and hope to read...
Let me slow down a bit here and start with one book at a time.
My most favorite book and truest companion for the past three yr. has been " The Science of Success"  Three books in one "The Science of Getting Rich" The Science of Being Well" and "The Science of  Being Great"  This book helps give me a perspective on my mental state.  You can not read this book and not come away with the right thinking...i love the fact that all that I know of God is true to his charecter in the pages of this book...no suffering way here...Jesus paid it all so we don't have to!  Not that we won't have obstacles and challenges just how you look/think about them.  No woe is me...martarism, because that's what I needed to get away from to achieve the success/peace/happyness. Treat your mind read this book!