What am I reading

Sort of a what's in your wallet question. lol  I'm reading Michael Beckwith's "Spiritual Liberation". It's a lot to chew on I'll say that. I have a time putting it down.  I've wanted to learn more about what he has to say or what he thinks and this book is it.  I saw and heard him first on the Secret. When he said ...so many things...  "You can begin to think real thoughts" "You can feel love even if noone is loving toward you at the time" and "Greater is the power in you than the power in the world"! There was a time I wouldn't read or even want to know about people that write books on spiritual things unless it came from a small circle of  religious organizations that I knew...very exclusive.  Anyway this is what I'm reading now and I'm very happy, my dear husband of 23yrs was very thoughtful to get it for me.  I'm very thankful for this book and for my husband and our family.