The Secret Garden

This is one of my FAVORITE books! I love the story.
It beings, very sad wih a very neglected and spoiled little girl losing her whole household in one fell swoop. Mary Lennox is the main character. She grew up in India, but when a deadly disease kills her family. She must leave her home to live with her Uncle in his manor in York Shire, England.
Living at the Manor Mary makes some strange friends ( the grounds gardener, servant girl, her uncles son Colin, and a woods boy). When Mary discovers the Secret Garden, a garden enclosed by a wall for ten years, she decides she will take care of it. and with some help from her friends turns the garden into a lovely haven.
Colin who once was a spoiled brat, like Mary, is transformed into a new person by the companionship Mary gives him. Mary herself is transformed.
I really loved the pictures in this book it had a very nice effect ( the colored pictures with the black and white ones). The first time I picked up this book I didn't like it (it gave me a head ache!). But when I picked it up again a few years later, I had a different reaction. It was so magical, i couldn't put it down! The story made me laugh, frown, cry ( a LITTLE), and want a secert Garden of my own (I've wanted one ever sense). When ever I think of this book I want to vist Ireland (don't ask me why).
I hope to get a copy of my own, one day, and pass it down to my own children.
So I hope you'll read The Secret Garden, and find the one inside of yourself (and it needs constant love, watering, and nurturing).


Helper by Design

I love picking this book up. When I do I can start anywhere in the book and be pulled in, like sitting with someone and getting a bit of wisdom for being a wife. That happened again this week! So I had to place this here.