Pass it On!

If You haven't read this one here are some reasons to. Inspiring, Fun, and Enlightening!

Developing Better Reading

I love the principles of this book. It has helped my 11 yr. old tramendously. I've changed my thinking and approach to teaching phonics. The teacher's guide is a must have because it does more than give you a lesson plan but encourages the teacher as well. It pointed out areas that I was weak in and showed me how to overcome them.


Children's Book of the Bible

I brought this book on my dd birthday. Great find for 7$! I like the way it's set up into easy to find categories... Heros of the Bible, Miracles, Parables, Religious Customes, How the bible came to be, Animals and Plants in the bible, and Maps and places. There are more. Each section has Q & A. I love the pictures and the brief explanations on each topic. Below is the back view of the book.


Kids of the Bible!

I Love this nugget of a gem! When my kids clamore for a bible reading, this is a keeper. I try to read the scripture verse first, maybe a song and hopefully quickly to sleep!

Girl of Beauty

We used to use this book at our girls meetings. Now I use it with my 9 yr. old. We have really had some good chats from this one. I think my favorite part is the suggested reading. It gives us scriptures to meditate from for the week until the next. My dd favorite part is the question and answers. This part is also good because then we can review it a bit and see what sticks. Before I started reading with her one on one she and her older sisters were clashing in the areas , respect others privacy and cooperation. Very unhappy kid for a while. I asked her knowingly if things were better she smiles. Yes how they were getting along very good friends.