Black History Month: A. Fillmore's Cookbook

The featured book today  is by  A. Fillmore. This is a picture of Chef Fillmore.  We'd love to have a peak inside his cookbook, but alas that would require a trip to TX.  The Lone Star Cook Book and Meat Special (From the Slaughter Pen to the Dining Room Table). What a title, right? He created his dishes at the Hotel Lubbock, 1929. Click on his name in blue to be directed to the article. It talks about a librarian who is a collector of cookbooks and in her vast 1600 books she has Mr. Fillmore cookbook of culinary cuisine for butchering and serving fresh meat. His Great great grandaughter left a comment and says the family has a copy as well. I thought it was so neat she would leave a comment, unfortunately she didn't get a response...I'd respond in a heart beat.

You will be utterly surprised at what the Book is really about go here. I'm intrigued because, this is the year that I work on eating less meat...and fulfilling a desire to eat vegetarian at least work up to 85% This year.  Below is an exert by A. Fillmore...

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