Happy Chinese New Year: Cecilia Chang, The Seventh Daughter

I'm a cookbook fanatic! I have so many favorites. The scrapbook style, of the authors family history, are at the top of my favorites list. For instance the amazing Story by Cecilia Chang...a great read and  recipe book for The Lunar New Year celebration. I love the details of her childhood. The cook's life and how her mother ran the house and did the family shopping. Things she learned from her mother...things even I follow in my culinary beliefs today...so many similarities. Such as eating lighter in the summer, but Cecilia's mother did it for cleansing, and staying away from MSG! The trama of war and how she and her sister were able to escape...covered in fleas but their family inheritance for the trip in tact. Then all that hardship prepared her for success here in the states. Everyone has a story! This story was close to home in many ways for me and I still refer to the lessons now and then. That smile on her face is so real and I've very thankful she wrote the book!

Happy New Year...May the Year of the Monkey Be a Very Happy One!

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