Cookie Books for any time..Even Holidays

Do you read cook books like Novels! I do. Books were my first friends, after my cousins of course. Cook books and Baking Books are my closest of friends! We have so much fun together...sorry if this is sounding sorta wacky, but I know I'm not the only one who loves Baking Books like I do...you know who you are, I'm giving you permission to admit it...at least to yourself.
Below is my list of  Cookie Books that I borrowed from the library and didn't want to ever take them back...but I did because that's wrong! Anyway take a look see on Amazon or Good Reads at the reviews...for my 25c. Both of these books have easy to a bit more challenging( more than 5 ingredients) recipes. My favorites in "Mom's Big Book of Cookies" are the refrigerator or (hidden in) the freezer cookies.

Mom's Big Book of Cookies: 200 Family Favorites You'll Love Making and Your Kids Will Love Eating  Cookies to try the snicker doodles, freezer cookies, and a cookie from Rainy/Snowy day..or when you have barely any ingredients!

Big Fat Cookies
The ideas are endless...Where is the Great Cookies?
Right in this book! Go for it!

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