My Daddy is a yoga Pretzel

"My Daddy is a Yoga Pretzel."  Our family had been introduced to Yoga Pretzels in the form of large index cards. You can pick a card and practice with a family member or on your own but quite a few of the cards are for partners to practice together. You can focus on what you want..examples are  trust,  courage, patience etc. So i want to check out the book in the next few days or so, from the library. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll come back here and Good reads and share my thoughts on this book and I'd appreciate if your comments on Yoga Pretzels if you have read or used the index cards too!

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Casa_DeArtes said...

I knew I would love this book. It is really fun to find the pretzel or Marichyasana is my favorite pose and one of the first poses I learned in My Jane Fonda "PregnanCy thru Post-partum" book! And I'm a Baker lol we are very thankful to have found this book! You'll be glad I shared it with you too when you get it!