A way to Document Art in Lang.

I Can't show the picture of the book right now...scanner's having a tantrum or something. But I wanted to leave a link to Star Fall on the sidbar. It's a fun way to review the short stories in the book. Each story enphasizes the letter phonic being taught. I like the 3rd book of the series of three, at the end they are an example of various artist. Dorothy Strait, Ernie Barnes, Paul Gauguin, and our favorites Georges Seurat(first to experiment with pixels) and Vincent Van Gogh. Each story gives a short Biography of each artist. It sparked lots of conversation, research and learning. The three books were offered free as a set. So at the time I got about 3 sets. I still have one or two for my other little ones interested in reading. They've done quite a bit with the webpages now. Even the stories are interactive. It was a fun review, for a few min. I think it's a good supplement if you want to have some paper work for phonics, spelling, and reading.

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